Hey, my friends!  We’ve made it to midweek.  Now that hubby is working from the office everyday, my weeks are feeling more like they did back when I was a career woman.  I am very much on a tight time schedule now so weekends are markedly different, and, once again, I feel a little like a vintage trolly sputtering up a hill.  On the upside, though, I am more productive! There really is a lot of truth to the idea that the more time we have…the more we stretch things out and get a lot less done.  Now I’m multitasking and sticking to my to-do list, and Friday afternoon seems more like an occasion to celebrate again.

About today’s look.   Pictures do not do this skirt  or sweater justice.  Something about the two dimensional camera lens can take away from the shape of certain pieces and I think that is the case here.  I love the slim cut of this button front denim midi, especially around the waist and hip area.  And this sweater!  Well, the knit (wool-cashmere blend) is dreamy and the oversized crop makes for a  super chic silhouette.   You all know how much I love a matching shoe & bag combo, and I am beyond ecstatic that these boots (recently added to my wardrobe) match this bag perfectly!  For me, this pulls together a look like nothing else can.

Finally, the fringe.   For the longest time, I contemplated this cut but kept coming up with so many reasons why it may not be a good idea.  My hair is naturally very course and wavy so I thought thick bangs could stick out all over the place especially when I work out.  Since I exercise every day, but only wash my hair twice a week…I was afraid terrified it would be a disaster.  I loved the look enough to give it a shot.

The verdict…I do love it.  I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it.   It is much harder to style, and requires more product, tools, and time.  I’ve been using a head band for super intense cardio workouts & hot yoga…otherwise I look like a drenched poodle.   When it is styled and humidity isn’t a factor, I love it but I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep it.  I’m afraid of what summer will bring.  I’m thinking about letting it grow a little so it is more like a layered front as apposed to bangs.   

If you are contemplating this cut, I would say go for it if you have straight hair.   If your hair is thick and wavy like mine, it is a lot of work

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