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5 Tips for dressing your best in stormy weather

Well,  I guess this is what we get for having a mild December & January up here in the Northeast.  I figured this incessant snow fall would be an excellent opportunity to share my winter essentials, and tips for styling a look when the weather is...well... lets say intense.

My days of teetering on slick surfaces in 5 inch heels are over.  I'm not sure if this is an effect of aging or the increasing availability of stylish winter gear {like these Sorel boots}.  Either way, it is a very good thing!


1. Layer up.  I love to wear a tee & cardigan under my lightweight, hooded parka.  If it is just cold and not snowing,  the layering is great under a leather jacket or a wool blazer coat.

3. Balance proportions.  If you are wearing a wide cut or bulky coat, try something more fitted on the bottom.  I like skinny jeans or leggings with winter boots & cozy layers on top.  I try to avoid slouchy all over!

2. Add a scarf or a hat.  Since I'm not a fan of multiple accessories at once, I usually choose one or the other.  I've learned the importance of having the right pieces that work together and remix well.  Carefully selected, high quality items ensure that we feel put together even when Mother Nature  throws us a challenge. 

3. Embrace casual attire. Staying casual in stormy weather helps create a cool effortless vibe that ends up being far more stylish than dressing up and finding ourselves uncomfortable, fidgety, or even worse...unsafe.

4. Finally, add a unique element...sort of a signature statement to your casual, stormy style.  This could be a statement bag or coat, sultry smokey eyes,  a bold lip (what I chose in this look), etc...
This formula always works for me, and it helps me feel feminine...a little sexy even when I'm dressed very casually & appropriately for whatever the situation requires.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful!   Please share, in the comments, any advice you have for weathering a storm too! 


jeans Madewell (old) similar here
boots Sorel 
parka The North Face similar here
cardigan Wilfred similar here (splurge) & here (save)
lips YSL le rouge



  1. SO SNOWY!!
    Casual attire is KEY for winter weather, I totally agree!! Cute cape!

    1. thanks, Amanda and I'm so glad you stopped by!

  2. First off, I love the new layout! You did an awesome job, the homepage is so easy to navigate, I love how the posts are displayed. Now, let's talk about how gorgeous you look even in the snow! I love that red lipstick on you and I told you on IG how obsessed I am with your cut. You've actually got me wanting to try clip in bangs to test out a fringe look, haha. I love all the tips you've shared here because it can be quite the challenge to look and feel cute when it's freezing, let alone snowing, but you're so right, balance and layering up is key! Thanks so much for sharing, my dear friend, and I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week so far!



    1. Thank you, beautiful! Ha ha...I'm so glad to hear it has inspired you to try out the fringe. I think this French girl hair is so chic and I know you would look amazing with bangs. We have the same face shape!
      I attribute the impact of this red lip to YSL! The most amazing lipstick I've ever used.

  3. Love your tips for looking stylish in this freezing weather. You look warm and fab!


  4. Great tips ! You look amazing as usual !
    Have a great start to your week !

    1. Thank you so much, Nina. Wishing you a great week too.

  5. Loving these fun snowy pictures! I miss snow when I see shots like this, it's so beautiful! And I love your boots, not that I would wear them a ton, but I would love a chic pair of winter boots like that. Maybe if we ever move back to MI. And you kill the red lip lady! I wish I could pull that off. Also, loving the new site! Isn't it so refreshing to have something so clean and simple?!

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. Thank you, Shannon! I know...the snow is so beautiful it's just that it can be such a pain, and really cramps a gals routine! I think you would rock the red lips and I would love to see it.

  6. Love this look and so in love with the pictures

    xxx, Eva

  7. I have never been to such a weather but thanks for sharing...


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