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lips Burts Bees lip crayon sedona sands

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Go-To.   Such a glorious, life saving concept!  It is no mystery that one of my favorite go-to outfit formulas for spring, summer & fall is a lacey top paired with distressed denim.  For me, it always works.  I feel feminine & strong.  chic & grounded.   fashionable & approachable.

 I feel like me!   That's the idea, right!?  

What are your favorite go-to formulas and why?  I would love your thoughts on what makes you feel most comfortable, and most like you!


at ease...

skirt similar here & here
sweater Le Fou by Wilfred, similar here
heels similar here & loving these 
sunnies Ray-Ban (matte gold)
lips MAC twig

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Well hello there, my friends!  It feels great to be sharing a favorite look & a few thoughts with you today.  Whenever I go through a period of time where my posts are less frequent, I always miss creating and sharing my passions.  I always miss you all!

I've been working on attending to that quiet but steady voice of God, and really listening to Him.  Truly allowing Him to guide me moment by moment, day by day... One of the themes that keeps coming up over and over is that less is more. Quality is so much more than quantity.  Simplicity is what He intends for me in all aspects of my life.  Although it may seem ironic, simplifying life in the midst of current society can be harder than just going with the flow of the crazy!  One would think simple should be easier, right!?  Eventually...yes!  However, getting to that place is where the work is.  It takes discipline, actively choosing one action over another or omitting something that would otherwise be automatic.  Facing discomfort or unresolved pain and being still in it until it passes rather giving in to a distraction.  All of these steps in the process of untangling the chaos we create for ourselves can by exhausting but so worth it.  On this side of heaven, we will always be works in progress and that is ok.  It is the human condition.

Does all of this apply to our wardrobes, our blogs, our personal style?  Of course it does!  God cares about every aspect of every one of us.  He is delighted when we invite Him into our passions, and it certainly puts my creative heart at ease.   It all seems to fall into place when His hand is in it...

I absolutely love sharing my faith so I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about what I've shared today.  Feel free to leave me a note in the comment section or shoot me an email. classyeverafter@gmail.com