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 sunnies Ray Ban |
 kitty...a gift {from God}

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I love pieces that can be worn in several different ways, and across seasons.  When I need something to wear for a fancy occasion, I try to choose something I know I can wear regularly by dressing it down a bit.   I have worn this skirt (which only cost me about $25, btw) to a formal affair with a silk cami and 4 inch heels and I have worn it with sandals and a tee or sweater numerous times.  In my opinion, this is a great way to save on occasion wear and then put your money towards the quality staples that you will reach for daily!

Certainly, I do not object to a lady treating herself to a gorgeous dress!  I think this is a wonderful idea as long as it is the perfect dress that we absolutely adore and will want to wear for years.  It is when we are not looking for a dress that we stumble upon such a masterpiece.  Sometimes we just have to pick it up when there is no fancy event on the horizon.  The worst scenario for me is trying to find a dress on a short timeline and then settling for something  I don't love.

What is your philosophy about shopping for fancy pieces?   Actually, I'd love to hear your thoughts about any wardrobe strategies that you would like to share!

Bradi (left) & Jericho (right).

Funny little thing...Bradi hates being outside.  He is the most mild mannered, sweet baby boy...until I try to take him outdoors.  Suddenly we get claws and big-loud-mad meows!  My intention was to keep him with me for the entire shoot but he had a different plan and we made it about 30 whole seconds.

I've heard it said that when a child is born, parents must prepare to live with their hearts walking around outside of their bodies.  Well, I can assure you this applies to cats as well. 


Napa part one

I'm wearing: dress Madewell / wedges Sam Edelman / tote Cuyana / sunnies Ray Ban

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Well...hello there, my dear friends!  How have you been?  It's been a few weeks.  A month actually, I believe. 
 Simultaneously, my absence was both refreshing & frustrating.  Relaxing & vexing.  It always feels a little odd to experience two conflicting emotions at the same time, yet it is an inevitable component of the human condition.   Perhaps this is a topic we can discuss further in the future, but for now...I wanted to share a few photos from our recent trip to Napa.

We stopped at so many Vineyards I lost track after a while.  The photos in this post are mainly from Cakebread & Frogs' Leap.  Oh, and also a pit stop for lunch at V. Sattui. 

 The grounds and decor at Frogs' Leap were absolutely dreamy!  For this reason, it seemed to me a perfect spot to practice my photography skills. (photos of me were taken by the hubby).   Any winery that has a doggie station gets an A+ from moi!

On a different note... I have truly missed you all as I always do when I unplug.  A combination of things are to blame for my sporadic posting lately.  A busy household & family, of course.  Also, I'm trying to slow things down and really listen to God for direction in every aspect of my life.  I want to know, for sure, that this creative outlet of mine is serving a greater purpose.  I need to know that He wants to use it for good, and that it doesn't take away from other things He may intend for me.  God's time is so different from the way we define time.  The truth is...there really is no rush, and good things can take a long time and they often evolve slowly, methodically, and never in haste.  I know...none of this really lines up with the rules of the blogging industry.  I've never been one to go with the flow.  

I hope you enjoy the photos, and please do drop me a note in the comment section.  I love hearing from you all, and I appreciate your support so much.