June 16, 2015

black & white

Hey gals!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 
  All is well here.  No complaints.  

I'm still taking it easy & trying to keep a healthy balance in life and in blogging.  Today is the last day of school for my step daughters.  The little one will be home for a week and a half before the summer program begins so that will keep me busy for sure.

jeans: Loft
tank: Aritzia
tote: Cuyana
sandals: Sam Edelman
ring: Cuyana
watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Madewell

June 12, 2015


Newest Acquisitions


1 Wilfred Free Moffett tank  The perfect, barely there summer sexy cami.  Absolutely love it.  Strapless bra a must...obvi
2 Wilfred Free Hansen Dress   Luxurious fabric, clingy but not tight... an lbd to dress up or throw on over a bikini for beach day to night.  Also snagged this one in heather white.  gotta love this Aritzia sale!!!
3 Boho lace bralette  Obsessed with Aerie lingerie.  So perfect & so affordable
4 Asos handmade round sunglasses So fun...can't wait to wear them with my MAC impassioned lipstick
5 Sole Society's oversized vegan weekender  So so perfect, I love the lining and the oversized-ness. Just right for gals like me who like to pack options.
6  J.Crew Jersey Lomellina tie front bandeau bikini top  Loving olive this season, and it is always good to have plenty of bikini tops to mix & match
7  Scalloped bandeau top  Black & scalloped.  Divine combo.  This one is super comfy and stays up very well even when I don't have a lot to put in it.
8 Wilfred Free Tyra skirt in heather white.  I've wanted one of these ruched jersey skirts in heather grey forever.  It was a long search for a quality one in a modest length. 


Happy Happy Friday, Ladies! 
What are your weekend plans?  
 Tonight, hubby and I are taking a ride to Jamestown to enjoy a seaside bottle of vino...then heading into Newport for some dinner.  Can't wait!!  We haven't been out in over a month.  I am such a homebody, and I always stress about leaving all my furry children home to wonder where we are...and to eat my couch pillows (that is a story for another time).   But...I also love date night so I am feeling grateful.

Onto an entirely different topic.  As I contemplate Classy Ever After... looking back, and planning ahead, I can't help but settle on thoughts about how much blogging has changed...and how quickly it evolves.  If I'm being totally honest with myself, and with you...I miss the days when it was more about sharing our passions, what we wore, and what we love.  Now there is so much competition out there and there is so much focus on generating income from blogging that it is too easy to forget why we started. 

Classy Ever After is really just about sharing what I love, my journey of refining my personal style, and sharing pretty things with other ladies who appreciate them.   If I happen to pick out something that I am able to link through an affiliate program...great. My focus, however, is not on that part of blogging.  My focus remains on creativity and authenticity...and loving what I do here.  

I have always been a huge advocate for doing what makes one happy, and God knows we have to make a living.  I also believe, wholeheartedly, that the most fruitful ventures are the ones that focus on what motivates, what inspires, what is real...rather than on the income.  This is my approach with blogging too.  I just share what I love...the rest is a bonus.  I guess it is safe to say, I'll never be the girl who makes six figures blogging....{chuckle}.

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