February 8, 2016

classic & comtemplative

Well, hello there!  It's been a little while...

In addition to honest disclosure regarding my hiatus, today I'm sharing a look from December 2015.   I styled this look to head out for a bite to eat and to see A Christmas Carol at a local repertory theatre on a frigid New England evening.  Now, I can not wait to style this skirt for warmer weather!  I prefer it with no tights and classic pumps, but that was not going to happen this time.  I am on the fence about the booties & tights with this ensemble. But, then again, I am aware that I am my own worst critic.
Who can relate?

As many of you know, I've been questioning the direction of Classy Ever After... of blogging in general, really. 

 I have a strong desire to blog, from my heart, about what is real and significant in my life...and what will be beneficial to my readers.  Some days that benefit may be just simply to make you smile or take your mind off something difficult, or give you a few moments break from your routine.  Other posts could offer solutions, clarify something you are questioning, resolve a style or beauty dilemma, pass along a useful tip that I learned by way of a significant style debacle {chuckle, but seriously...if I can save you the frustration}...

I need to know I can blog, consistently about the good stuff that flows naturally in my life.  Without a doubt, I know my heart is creative.  That is God's gift to me, and I want to use it for good.  This can not be forced, and at times it unfolds much more quickly than other times.  One thing I know for sure is that I am not in a competition with all of the mega talented woman with phenomenal blogs out there.

With all of this in mind, I took some time...as much as I needed to grow...to soul search...to purge clutter from my mind, heart, home, closet, etc... Also, I gave this little creative space up to God and asked Him to make all things clear for me.  I asked him to help me outline my intentions for Classy Ever After and to help me line them up with His will so we can  impact my life and yours in a meaningful way.

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December 4, 2015

Stocking up on timeless basics {fall sale purchases}

Stocking up on timeless basics

Hey ladies!
Happy Friday to all.  

Today, I thought I would share a round up of all the basics I picked up during various promos at my favorite retailers.  This is probably all I will purchase now until spring.  I've reached the point in my wardrobe building where I really don't need a lot, and what I do purchase works so well with my existing pieces that I can totally justify investing in quality pieces knowing I can remix away...

Switching gears to something much more serious.  
We had quite a scare with our sweet Australian Shepard this week. He ended up in the hospital on oxygen with an enlarged heart & pulmonary edema.  Echo cardiogram results indicated that he had a first episode of congestive heart failure on one side of his heart. He is stable, and will be coming home today on 3 meds daily for the rest of his life. The vet is hopeful that he will have one to two more years of quality life with us.  Not long enough, and I can't imagine life without him, but I'm grateful that I will have this time to love him and enjoy every moment. 
  His symptoms were not really indicative of the magnitude of his illness, and I'm so grateful I followed my instincts and took him to the Dr.  
Please say a little prayer for my sweet boy, and cherish every moment with your fur babies. When in doubt, take them for a check up!

1 Uniqlo mens 100% cashmere pullovers.  I stocked up during all the glorious promos.  Camel, grey & navy are the colors I added to my wardrobe this time around.
2 J.Crew perforated eyelet a line skirt.  This one caught my eye back when it was a new arrival, but I held out and was able to snag it on sale.  I chose black, but all three colors were gorgeous.  This is the perfect ultra feminine piece that can be stressed up or down, and will stand the test of time.
3 J.Crew Adele Suede ankle boot.  I was on the hunt of a pair of black ankle boots with a substantial heel that could be worn with skinnys, flares, skirts, dresses.... I love the wider ankle opening and I think it makes them more versatile and less likely to create the dreaded short stumpy leg issue that some boots can.
4 Gap girlfriend jeans.  For me, most boyfriend jeans are just too baggy, and although I love them on Pinterest, I end up feeling frumpy in them.  Aside from my AE tomboy pair, I've had quite a few misses in terms of finding the right look.  So, I ordered these in tall hoping for that relaxed, sexy vibe... I'll keep you posted.
5 Banana Republic Houndstooth scarf.   I absolutely love BR scarves...this one is 100% wool so it is a perfect piece for winter that will compliment all my coats.
6 J.Crew collection cashmere turtleneck sweater.  This is one of those must have pieces, I think.  Perfect to throw on with skinnys & booties or with a dressy skirt and heels for a formal affair.  I put my J.Crew rewards towards this...since they rarely go on promo.  An investment worth making, in my opinion.
7 J.Crew deck stripe tee in navy & cream.  This version of the iconic Breton tee is more of a light sweater material making it perfect for colder months.  It is thin enough to layer, but substantial enough to wear alone.  I love the drapey fit!

Quite a few of these items are still on promo, so Happy Shopping!

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