May 29, 2015


Hey, ladies!   Happy Friday to you.

Just a quick one today.  I wanted to share a few  snaps of this skirt I snagged on a fab Ann Taylor promo.   It is so comfy and I feel like there are so many styling options...oh, and I'm smitten with the poofy.

What are your plans for this weekend?   Are you planning on hitting up any sales?  Please do share;)

skirt: Ann Taylor
tee: Madewell (old),  fabulous options here & here
booties: Sole Society (old), similar here
necklace: Bauble Bar (old), love this one & this one
sunnies: Ray Ban


May 26, 2015

Inspired by...

Hey ladies!  How was your long weekend?
Mine was uneventful, but relaxing.  I needed to unplug and unwind, so I did just that.  

I have learned to recognize the inner promptings that whisper when it is time to do some introspection, and let it be a season of developing ideas rather than putting them into fruition.
I can usually sense the shift in myself and if I don't roll with it, the results are much less desirable than they could be.

There are ideas brewing in my silly little head, and I'm grateful for these ideas.  Creative notions really can not be rushed, at least not for me.   I'm going to take it easy this week on the blogging front, and use the time to ponder what is next, and to pay attention to all that inspires me.

Speaking of inspiration.  Perhaps the single most inspiring tid-bit that I stumbled upon over the long weekend, is this Linda Rodin feature via Rue Daily.   Such a brilliant example of a strong, fearless lady who has aged just about as gracefully as possible.  I've often told my hubby, my mother, my hair dresser...(or whoever will listen to my style babble) that I intend to be the elderly woman with long silver locks wrapped up in a chignon...still donning the same  favorite, timeless wardrobe stables I do now.

Linda Rodin inspires me on so many levels.  This delightful editorial served as a reminder, for me, of how crucial it is to be true to heart and to allow myself the space to change and evolve into my very best self.  This is a process for sure.  For me, this process always involves tuning into what I find deeply inspiring  and then taking the time to really contemplate how it fits into my journey.

Classy Ever After is evolving, and I have a sense it is just getting started.  I'm excited to see what God wants to do with it. 

Thanks for stopping by today, and for your continued support.
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